Bazaar 2.6

Bazaar is a version control system that helps you track project history

Bazaar is a tool to manage versions of collaborative projects in a distributed way. It is what is called a version control system, which is used to manage all changes that are made to the elements of a project that is being developed by a work team. This software will help you by presenting a history of every change made in each element of the project, together with the author of each change. Every one of these variations is called a “revision”. You will have the possibility of adding, eliminating, moving or editing any element you want. Besides the main development branch, the software enables you to manage some parallel development branches.

Whenever more than one user changes anything in a project referring to the same element, Bazaar has a function to manage the conflicts that may appear because of those simultaneous changes. It is also possible to see the differences between the various revisions thanks to its state reports. At first, this kind of software tools was mainly used by the IT industry, but now individual developers also say that it gives a more dynamic range to their developments.

Review summary


  • It enables you to work in a team and know who did the last changes to the project


  • Not so fast with trees
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